Project Management


Our vast network of highly skilled programme and project managers have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of working effectively in shared environments.


This means we can drop in at any stage of a transformation, separation, step-change, carve out, or cloud migration and either run and deliver projects for clients, or augment the programmes they are already running with our people.


Our programme and project management service is highly customised and specific to the individual client. Our project managers can work across multiple projects simultaneously, delivering time-sliced and time-shared resources to make delivery happen.


Our seasoned project managers are adept at translating your vision into actionable plans. They possess a wealth of expertise across diverse industries and utilize industry-leading tools and techniques to optimize project outcomes. With an unwavering focus on quality, efficiency, and risk mitigation, we navigate complexities, anticipate challenges, and proactively adapt to changing circumstances.



Clearly Define the Scope

We engage in a detailed discovery in order to make sure the scope of each engagement is clearly defined and understood 


Select Team Members Appropriately

We ensure we use the right people with the right experience to ensure the success of each engagement


Collectively Shape Key Milestones

We make sure that the key milestones are collectively agreed and measurable 


Governance, Reporting & delivery

We ensure a robust governance framework & reporting structuring is in place, offering transparency and seamless delivery

Key Benefits

  • Predictable cost forecast in relation to outcome

  • Defined outcome means success or failure of delivery is easier to measure

  • Reduced requirement for client management, enabling client to focus on core objective

  • Knowledge transfer and information sharing


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