Case Study


The largest Plant Based Foods Products company in the world with multiple sites globally.

  • Sold in 2018 and purchased by a Private Equity firm for €6.4Bn with a plan to carve out and take private.
  • This was the fastest and largest separation program in the food industry with a project spend of €350M, we successfully completed the separation while executing an ambitious growth strategy.
  • The programme was at risk and off track.
  • The speed to execution allowed the private equity firm’s plans to remain on course.




There was no clear ownership of IT Services on Supply Chain side or understanding of the services being consumed.

  • Ambitious timescales already agreed for separation.
  • Lack of clear control and accountability on how to achieve successful separation.
  • No clear overall strategy.
  • No central governance or management framework for the Project Management and service transitions.



Quick Wins

Speed to engagement was the key. We stood-up the Discovery & Engagement process and made it operational within 24 hours. The programme was quickly bought under control and recovered with a structured recut plan put in place. We reviewed and rationalised all commercial service contracts and renegotiated delivering significant cost saving benefits.



Thebes successfully delivered a new sustainable and scalable framework, enabling the client to effectively separate and manage BAU and manage ongoing spend:

  • Governance – We brought together finance, IT demand and business to ensure effective governance, planning and cost optimisation.
  • Accountability – We ensured clear visibility on ownership and associated operating costs for good financial accountability.
  • Transparency – building dashboard and “Monitoring” reporting for Network & Cloud based Contact Centre.
  • Reporting – Regular reporting to identify KPI’s /SLA’s being met by 3rd Parties,. Plus additional analytical reporting to support business cases for any cost optimisation in the future.
  • Service Reviews – Ensuring Vendor Management and BAU teams setup and hold regular service reviews which will help align KPI’s/SLA’s and drive further cost optimisation.


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