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We understand how keeping IT services running effectively can eat into time, budget and resources. Whilst they are critical to maintaining businesses and workforce productive, high-end internal resources are often tasked with managing these services when their time is better spent focussing on the more complex and strategic aspects of your business.

Our managed service offering is designed to handle the heavy lifting of IT infrastructure and application management and in doing so, greatly improve operational efficiency whilst reducing costs.

Using Thebes’ managed service, you can:

  • Ease the pressure on your bottom line by converting OPEX to CAPEX

  • Let us shoulder the risk and responsibility of hiring, onboarding and managing resources

  • Spin-up and shutdown services as needed

  • Constantly improve and innovate through our cost and performance optmisation framework

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Service Desk

Dedicated |SLA driven | First call Resolution

IT infrastructure services

Local area network | Wide area network | Data centre rationalization & consolidation

Desktop Support

Front office | Back office | VIP


Service delivery | IT Ops | Production Stability | Monitoring alert


Service delivery | Incident | Problem Change

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