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Optimising IT budgets

Whether your organisation needs to understand, analyse or optimise the true cost of your cloud spend, the reality of increasing pressures on IT budgets is high on the priorities of senior leadership, especially CIOs.  The imperative to effectively optimise and then communicate the IT department’s value to the business is critical to successful business outcomes, this is how Thebes Group can help. We help organisations to make smarter decisions to analyse, plan, optimise, control and collaborate on technology investments to reduce IT expenditure and budget.


How we create successful outcomes

We work with you to identify where your cloud and IT spend is, both in the IT department and across the wider business, to create a complete picture – then provide recommendations on how to: 

  • Economise your cloud spend to eliminate waste and over-specification

  • Rationalise to avoid duplication & increase efficiency

  • Commercialise to manage supplier contracts and improve optimisation

By focusing on each layer in the value chain (Cost Pools, Resource Towers & Applications and Services), we will enable cost optimisation outcomes to be created and acted on.  This frees up budget to execute the innovation and development needed to gain competitive advantage, or reduce overall spend and add to the bottom line.

How we work with you

We evaluate each aspect of a commercial relationship in IT Software, Services and Telco, focusing on each contract. We run an Agile methodology and negotiate with stakeholders, users and vendors to provide recommendations on cost optimisation that provides Service Improvement, Cost Optimisation and enhanced estate Vendor Management. Optimisation plans are shared via Stand Ups and Governance and agreed with you, the client.

This agreed plan is achieved through close working with IT, Procurement, Legal and Finance. All savings are audited and trackable. The typical outcomes over a project are reduction in IT vendors, a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) improvement, contracts fit for-the-future and reduced costs, typically 10-25% of budget.


Using our experience and tools, we create a complete picture of your IT spend and contracts, especially for cloud services, starting with quick wins building to multi-vendor transformation


Delivering a comprehensive set of recommendations with an assessment of risks and project outcomes, we will create an optimisation plan, with governance and deliver it with associated agreed savings


As the plan is being executed and after it’s completion we will review and use our knowledge to seek further  optimisation opportunities in a Continuous  Services Improvement (CSI) approach

This is What Success Looks Like

Cross organisational trust and goodwill

Breaking down of departmental silos

Accountability and auditability

Reduction in cloud waste = lower costs

Acceleration in innovation

Fewer panic attacks when cloud bills arrive

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