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Utilising our proprietary cloud native security framework, ARRAN we help enterprises deliver the most secure, effective and demonstrable cloud native applications.

We do this by starting with identity at the core of the application and then providing security at depth for every component within our framework. We provide a high degree of automation so that your applications remain continuously secure and there is automated detection and response at scale.

Runtime vulnerability detection is provided dynamically. It scales in real time and does so without jeopardizing the performance and stability of the production environment.

Our Cloud Native Security Services


Cloud Vulnerability Assessments

Assess and transform your existing monolithic applications to a cloud native model


Secure Application Delivery Pipeline

Develop business applications using cloud native methodologies

Container & Microservice Security

Containerise applications and develop standard API’s for integration with third parties


Cloud Security Strategy

Design and build processes to manage secure deployment of containers

How Cloud-Native Security will help you

Security at scale and depth

Ensure the environment remains secure as it scales


Security controls are automated

Visibility and governance

Gain comprehensive visibility and governance of your security posture

Share responsibility

Move away from siloed security teams to shared responsibility mode

Case Studies

Reducing Cloud Spend

Assisting a major logistics firm reduce cloud costs by 23% in just 12 weeks

Optimising infrastructure using DevOps

Working with the  payment processing industry we built production environments in just 4 weeks using DevOps tools

Our Other Cloud Services

Cloud-Native Application Transformation

Cloud Cost Optimisation

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