Cloud-Native Application Transformation

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By leveraging modern cloud-native platforms, enterprises can move away from monolithic legacy application environments to a more nimble and highly scalable one. This new architecture will not only be cloud-agnostic, but also will be robust and can flex to meet business needs. It will also enable greater agility, speed, experimentation and innovation within an enterprise as it’s based on a loosely coupled, service oriented architecture.

We can assist you in assessing if your existing business applications can be transformed into a cloud native model. Alternatively we can design a cloud native application that would help you meet your business requirement.

Our Cloud Native Services

Cloud-Native Application Transformation

Assess and transform your existing monolithic applications to a cloud-native model


Cloud-Native Application Development

Develop business applications using cloud-native methodologies

Container and Microservice

Containerise applications and develop standard API’s for integration with third parties

How Cloud-Native Applications will help you


Go-to-market much quicker with your business applications

Greater innovation

Scale much more quickly based on demand

Operate better

Increase operational efficiency and save costs in the process

Share responsibility

Move away from siloed security teams to shared responsibility mode

Case Studies

Reducing Cloud Spend

Assisting a major logistics firm reduce cloud costs by 23% in just 12 weeks

Optimising infrastructure using DevOps

Working with the  payment processing industry we built production environments in just 4 weeks using DevOps tools

Our Other Cloud Services

Cloud Native Security

Cloud Cost Optimisation

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