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Thebes was founded in 2002 by Michael Hall, a natural entrepreneur and staunch advocate of the IT consultancy services industry, Michael has a passion for technology and customer service. With over 25 years in business development, Michael’s vision was to create a company which focused first and foremost on delivering the outcomes that the client needs rather than getting weighed down by inflexible contracts.

Michael was joined shortly after creating Thebes by lifelong friend & business partner, Richard Long, who has extensive experience delivering IT professional services. Together they continued to build a company based on the simple principle, ‘Good People Who Deliver’.

Their non-exec chairman is the renowned British businessman and philanthropist, Sir Kenneth Olisa, who is the first black Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London.

Both Michael & Sir Kenneth are members of the WCIT (Worshipful Company of Information Technologists) and as such are Freemen of The City of London.

Together they all share a joint passion for charity and helping others with a focus on the homeless and young people.

Sir Ken Olisa

Non Exec Chairman

Michael Hall


Richard Long

Managing Director

Our Values


People come first. We place a high value on the needs and expectations of our staff, clients and associates and seek to fulfil those above all else.


Change is our only constant. We are adaptable, agile, quick to market and able to tailor unique and innovative solutions for our clients.


Honesty is the only policy. We don’t over-promise or hide anything. We operate with integrity and full transparency in everything we do.


We play the long game. We earn loyalty through our actions and over time. It takes precedence over quick wins and self interest.

Contact details: +44 0 1908 303670 | enquiries@thebesgroup.co.uk